Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tutorial: Arduino + Kit rf 433Mhz (Part 1: Introdución)

When you start making  more complex projects, you will probably need to read a sensor far away from your arduino or read/send information between two arduinos. Sometimes you can use a piece of wire but when you can´t use it, you will need some wireless solutions.

Kit Link Rf 433 Mhz
There are a lot of options but many of theme could be a bit expensive for some projects. Instead, you can use an  RF link kit that cost about 3$  each!!. The most common frequency is 433 Mhz but you can find 315  Mhz kits as well. Whit this kits you can send data from one arduino to  another.

How a RF link kit works  ?

This kits use only one digital pin for transmitting (TX) and one pin for receiving  (RX) the data. So, you have to take the data from one arduino, convert it in a binary sequence of 0 and 1, send it and then  when you receive the binary sequence, transform it  in data.

In the next part of this tutorial,we will start setting up the hardware and programing the software. For the next part of the tutorial you will need:

Prototyping wire Male/Female

  • Two arduinos 
  • Kit Rf 433 MHz 
  • Some wire 
  • Two breadboards or prototyping  wire to connect the TX and RX module to the arduino
  • Arduino IDE
  • Library VirtualWire

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