Friday, November 15, 2013

BE MAKER, from Zero to Internet of Things

If you are new on electronics and you want to start working with arduino, you should start with a starter Kit. Most kit's are quite expensive and then when you finish your lessons the kit become unuseful. Recently, Borderless Electronics had developed a new starter kit. This kit is called BE MAKER.

BE MAKER includes 600 different's parts for only 29$. It also  includes a complete guide to learn from zero to Internet of Things, using videos. With the kit you would need an Arduino Leonardo or just buy the BE BOARD. The BE BOARD  works as an Arduino Leonardo but the board only cost 9$

In my opinion, you should buy the BE SHIELD too. The shield permits to use the kit's without using a lot of wires. Furthermore, the shield is very useful for future projects, because includes an Ethernet port and a SD Card holder. The shield costs about 15$,but  with some packages it only costs10$. I will update some tutorials using this shield because it will  allow me to prepare some coll stuff.

You can buy it and collaborate with the project here
If you want to  go trough the advanced tutorials you should learn with this kit first. Also, If you are an advanced user, the kit is a big deal if you want
to have extra hardware.

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