Saturday, May 17, 2014

Glory 3.0, my first robot

After almost 8 month with out any updates because of my studies,I'm back with my robot Glory 3.0. I will update all the documentation and the information about the robot in the following days and some photos.

The reason of uploading this documentation is that the 22 of may, the robot will participate in "Robocampeones", a high-school competition where you have to present the robot with some documentation. I'm going to participate in the freedom event.

Robot History

 The robot started as a personal robot for improving my arduino skills. After 2 years working on it, a friend encourage me to present the robot in this competition in Madrid. So, I started to prepare the robot for the event. The robot has a pan/tilt camera, a shotgun and  is control by Rf. If you read my previous post, you will see the RF 433 Mhz tutorial. This code is used for control the robot through RF

 I will update more information tomorrow, thanks for reading and leave some comments. Please write your sugerence to this email


  1. Hey bro!

    All the best with this!

    By the way, thank you very much for the tutorial on RF linking.. it was very useful.

    I wanted to ask you: The creator of VirtualWire said that it has reached the End of life - ( and that we should use RadioHead Library.(

    What do you think?

    Arvindh from India (

  2. Hi Gundu

    I read the RadioHead documentation and you're right, RadioHead is better than virtualwire. The library have more funtions and supports modules like the nRF24L01

    However, virtualwire works find with 433mhz unidirectional modules and virtualwire is easier to use than RadioHead. More functions also mean know how to use them.

    In conclusion, I will use virtualwire for rf 433mhz modules but for more complex applications i will use RadioHead with other modules like nRF24L01

    In my country (Spain) in order to enter in the university I have to take some exams 10,11,12 of June. After that I will prepare a tutorial using RadioHead and nRF24L01

    Thanks very much for the information Gundu

  3. i am glad to see this.

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